Featured Poem: Index

Click on the titles of poems below to access more than 70 Featured Poems posted on the Longbarrow Press site since 2011 (many of these pages also contain audio recordings and short films).

The current Featured Poem appears here.

J.R. Carpenter
‘From A Year at Sharpham

James Caruth
Mam Tor’
‘Pax Domine’
‘Quaker Grave’
‘High Riggs’

Matthew Clegg
‘Myself Am Hell’
Movements of War’
‘The Sink Hole’
‘A Letter from Tu Fu’
‘Fishing by the trunk road’
‘Lost Between Stations: 5’
‘Lost Between Stations: 2’
‘Think Positive’
‘Letter from Neepsend’

Kelvin Corcoran
‘Article 50: 2.2’
‘And Coming Back: 1:1’
‘Madeleine’s Letter to Bunting [Day 2]’

Angelina D’Roza
‘Snow Has Come’
‘The Peripatetic in Love’
‘To the Corner Shop and Back’
‘Fairytale No. 13’
‘Ball Street Bridge’
‘Aseptic Technique’

Steve Ely
The European Eel

Nancy Gaffield
from Wealden
‘Louth to Fulstow’
from Part II of

Mark Goodwin
‘i have in’
from ‘In Slate’s Hands’
‘Lit Lichen, Tŷ Uchaf’
‘Step From I’
‘From a St Juliot…’
‘Zy Skennor’

Pete Green
‘From Sheffield Almanac’
From Hemisphere’

Rob Hindle
‘Third Ypres’
A Coward’
‘Gawain at Amiens’
‘Kipling Road’
‘Ecclesall Woods’
‘The Early History of Spence Broughton’
‘Kinder Downfall, 24 April 1932’

Andrew Hirst
‘Frome XVI’
‘Frome XI’
‘Frome II’
From Songs to Make & Mend’

Chris Jones
‘Blue Abandoned Van’
‘Cells (i)’
‘The Adoration of the Magi’

Fay Musselwhite
‘Lesser Common Rustic’
‘How Rivers Begin’
‘Little Matlock’
‘Path Kill’
‘Last Night’

Alistair Noon
from ‘Glossary on a North Sea Landscape’
‘Four from QUAD’
‘The Tin Islands’
‘The Molecule Man’
‘The Blackbird of Berlin’
‘Hill with Bunker and Flak Tower’

Peter Riley
from ‘Nine Poems’
from ‘
Ring Cairns’
‘Alstonefield 1995’
‘Wetton Mill New Year’s Eve 1974-1975’