Kelvin Corcoran

Article 50
Pamphlet, 28pp

UK orders (+ £1 postage)

Europe orders (+ £2.70 postage)

Rest of World orders (+ £3.30 postage)

2018.  A hand-stitched, limited edition pamphlet, arranged in two parts (Rue des Hiboux and A Footnote to the Above).  Article 50 could be subtitled Abhorrence and its Opposite.  In a series of passionate lyrical poems, Kelvin Corcoran sets the current self-destructive politics of the UK and its implausible actors alongside those things worth living for: music, friendship and poetry itself.  Click here to read a poem from the pamphlet.

The moon has made the sea milky,
opaque the memory of our commonweal,
that lost country where we once followed
a different life in the nation of now.

Other publications by Kelvin Corcoran:

Words Through a Hole Where Once There Was a Chimpanzee’s Face
Pamphlet | £5

Pamphlet and CD | £8.50

CD only | £4

2011. Pamphlet (40pp) and audio CD (38 minutes). Listen to Kelvin Corcoran reading from the pamphlet here and here.

Imagine these poems of the ordinary ascent,
blinking sightless at the cardinal points;
to make a series of journeys above ground,
to know the names holding up the sky.

On the Xenophone Label | £5

2009. Pamphlet (28pp). Includes free postcard (for a limited period). Listen to Kelvin Corcoran reading Biography 3.

The limits of human knowledge
do not excuse inquiry
you are not off the hook
the rim of the world burning

Madeleine’s Letter to Bunting | SOLD OUT

2009. Concertina’d poem in bespoke envelope. Listen to Corcoran reading the poem here.

Sun lights the end of the year
the wind has dropped to nothing
Benazir Bhutto has been shot.

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