In Conversation

Our occasional ‘In Conversation’ series features wide-ranging discussions with Longbarrow Press poets, artists, and editor Brian Lewis, drawing on interviews published here, on Elaine Aldred’s Strange Alliances blog, The Wombwell Rainbow blog, and elsewhere. A full index of text and audio conversations appears below (click on the links):

July 2022
Paul Brookes interviews Matthew Clegg (on Cazique)

February 2022
Sufyan El-Harti interviews Brian Lewis for the Shreem blog

January 2021
rob mclennan interviews Brian Lewis for the (small press) series

November 2020
Brian Lewis interviews Nancy Gaffield and The Drift

September 2019
Wombwell Rainbow Interviews: Peter Riley

January 2019
Wombwell Rainbow Interviews: Fay Musselwhite

November 2018
Wombwell Rainbow Interviews: Angelina D’Roza

October 2018
Wombwell Rainbow Interviews: Chris Jones

September 2018
Wombwell Rainbow Interviews: Matthew Clegg
Wombwell Rainbow Interviews: Rob Hindle

March 2016
Pub Chats: Longbarrow Press
Will Barrett interviews Brian Lewis (for The Poetry School)

January 2016
Poetry from the Edgelands:
Charlie Sellings interviews Brian Lewis (for Opus Independents)

January 2015
Steps of Creation:
Elaine Aldred interviews Mark Goodwin and Brian Lewis

November 2014
Mark Goodwin on Steps, interviewed by Brian Lewis (audio recording)

April 2014
Poems, Places & Soundscapes:
Elaine Aldred interviews Mark Goodwin and Brian Lewis

February 2014
Alistair Noon interviewed by Jack Little (for The Ofi Press)

January 2014
Writing on the Edge:
Elaine Aldred interviews Matthew Clegg

October 2013
Paul Evans and Helen Mort on The Seven Wonders (audio recording)

May 2013
The Creative Landscapes of Longbarrow Press
Elaine Aldred interviews Brian Lewis

February 2013
The Intricacies of Independent Creativity
Elaine Aldred interviews Mark Goodwin

July 2012
Angelina Ayers and Paul Evans on The Seven Wonders (audio recording)

June 2012
Andrew Hirst on Hello Dolly (audio recording)

September 2011
Lost Between Stations
Matthew Clegg and Fay Musselwhite in conversation

September 2011
In England, it’s greys and browns:
Karl Hurst and Jana Kománková in conversation
(on the Czech website Proti šedi)

March 2010
Paul Evans and Brian Lewis in conversation
(originally published in The Inky)

Alistair Noon interviewed by Kate Schapira and Elizabeth Bradfield
(PDF – originally published in Mantis, 2009)

September 2006
Andrew Hirst and Brian Lewis in conversation
(originally published in The Inky)

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