Sideways3The Longbarrow Blog was set up to create a focus for new essays, articles, reviews and other writings by editor Brian Lewis, Longbarrow Press poets, and other contributors. Click here to read Angelina D’Roza on Sylvia Plath, Matthew Clegg’s reappraisal of poet Josephine Dickinson, Mark Goodwin’s manifesto for ethical editing, Chris Jones on place names and imaginative pilgrimages, Brian Lewis’s essay on the ‘dead letters’ of W S Graham, Alistair Noon’s report on the 21st century demo, and more. A full index of blog posts appears here. An index of interviews with Longbarrow Press poets appears here.

Further essays by (and on) Longbarrow Press poets can be found below (some essays are downloadable as Word docs and PDFs; other links will redirect to external sites).

Angelina Ayers on public art, ekphrasis and Fay Musselwhite’s ‘Phlegmatic’ (2012)

WNE-front-coverWest North East:
Matthew Clegg on The A-bomb of adrenaline’, ‘Ground Sense’, ‘A Fugue of Voices’‘In search of ‘dynamic design’ in West North East and ‘Edgelands’
(five essays on the West North East microsite, 2009-2013)

The Art of Relationship:
Matthew Clegg on Nigel Grimmer’s Minor Monuments (2013)

Sea Changes:
Matthew Clegg on Cave Time and Sea Changes and the photography of Karl Hurst (2012)

Sideways & Familiar 2009 (photograph by Nikki Clayton)The Heart of the City:
Matthew Clegg on Andrew Hirst and Chris Jones‘ Sideways & Familiar (2009)

Past, Presents, Futures:
Matthew Clegg on The river, the road (2008)

Cells, Skin, Seven Wonders:
Paul Evans on collaboration and Scale (edited transcript of artist’s talk, October 2012)

Flights and Traverses:
Rob Hindle on his poems for the Longbarrow Press anthology The Footing

(four essays on The Footing microsite, 2010-2013)

Chris Jones on At the end of the road, a river

We Live in Poetic Times:
Marlow Jones on Andrew Hirst’s The Frome Primer (2009)

Little Raffia Baskets:
Brian Lewis
on Andrew Hirst’s The Snail Drunk

The Idea of Translocality on Krymská:
Alistair Noon
(presented at the Prague Microfest, 14 May 2011)

Translocal Underground:
Alistair Noon on translocality and poetry (2007) (originally published in Bordercrossing Berlin)

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