Nancy Gaffield

Wealden (pamphlet, 28pp, and audio CD, running time 28 minutes)

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sound mirrors            marooned
on a man-made isle 

The marshes, shingle, and dense woodlands of southern Kent are the settings of Wealden, a new collaborative work by Nancy Gaffield and The Drift. The poems and music were composed in tandem, mapping this extraordinary landscape, from the marshland of the High Weald down to the coast at Dungeness. Wealden deals with the strata – geological, cultural and historical – that have been laid down over the course of one brief millennium, and considers the imminence of the sea reclaiming it all. Longbarrow Press is delighted to announce the publication of Wealden as a pamphlet and a CD; click the relevant PayPal link above to order. You can visit the website of The Drift (comprising musicians Darren Pilcher, Rob Pursey and Amelia Fletcher) here, download the Wealden audio tracks here, and read a sample poem from Wealden here.

Meridian (hardback, 112pp)

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writing along an invisible 
line whose end is infinite

Between 2015 and 2017, Nancy Gaffield walked the 270-mile Greenwich Meridian Trail from Peacehaven to Sand le Mere, in order to investigate the way that landscapes are disturbed and reordered by history and memory. In Meridian,  the line of longitude is the ‘zero point’ through which these forces speak: the intersecting planes of poetry and song, politics and the polis, land and sea, presence and absence, shadow and light.

A beautifully produced hardback, it can be ordered direct from Longbarrow Press for just £12.99. Visit the Meridian microsite for poems, essays and further information about the book.

‘Nancy Gaffield’s bravely resourceful long poem takes us ‘true North’ with her along the variegated trails marking England’s portion of the Meridian. Her lithe, varied poetic lines embody the present and the historic, the minute and the gargantuan, the simple and complex, the everyday and the artistic, the expected and the surprising—the physical, mental, and emotional experience of her explorations. Combining meditations, reactions, observations, memories with striking ideas, inspired descriptions, literary recalls, the poem captures everything from dirt to ecology to philosophy. Readers will prize this important, inspiring book: the Line, lines, a life brilliantly fused.’
Lou Rowan