Click here for the Longbarrow Press blog, featuring regular posts from Matthew Clegg, Angelina D’Roza, Nancy Gaffield, Mark Goodwin, Chris Jones, Brian Lewis, Fay Musselwhite, Alistair Noon and others.  A full index of posts (listed and linked by author name, 2012 – present) appears below:

Emma Bolland
‘On Cities, Solidarity, Loss, and Hope’ (January 2020)
‘The Last Judgement’ (October 2014)

Matthew Clegg
‘Second Glance at ‘Deaf School’’ (September 2020)
‘A Democracy of Words: Reintroducing Poetry to its Natural Environment’ (Feb 2020)
‘The Outside Inside: Some Notes on Creative Practice’ (July 2018)
‘‘Don’t think it couldn’t be you’: Peter Reading, Homelessness and Affect’ (February 2017)
‘Writing and the Autodidact’ (November 2016)
‘Fugue, Shimmer, Pulse and Fuse: Musical Principles in ‘Trig Points’’ (November 2015)
‘‘Feeding the Dead is Necessary’: on constructing ‘The Navigators’’ (April 2015)
‘‘The Great Truth’: i.m. Philip Levine’ (March 2015)
‘‘Radged and Nithered’: A Vernacular Sensibility’ (February 2015)
‘Meeting and Melting: On Discovering Derek Walcott’ (July 2014)
‘‘Ariel’ and ‘Wodwo’: A Yin and Yang of Poetics’ (May 2014)
‘Not Daffodils’ (April 2014)
‘Streams and Nodes’ (February 2014)
‘The A-bomb of adrenaline’ (December 2013)
‘Ground Sense’ (November 2013)
‘Design and Direction: Fugue’ (August 2013)
‘The Dream House’ (June 2013)
‘Under your rough gob is concern’ (June 2012)
‘Reading ‘Illuminations” (February 2012)

Angelina D’Roza
‘About the Human Voice’ (March 2017)
‘Late for the Sky’ (March 2016)
‘Lip-syncing to Roy Orbison’ (September 2015)
‘I Am the Resurrection’ (April 2015)
‘Hotel California’ (January 2015)
‘Pied Beauty’ (December 2013)
‘All the Leaves Are Brown’ (October 2013)
’31 Songs’ (June 2013)

Steve Ely
‘Body of Dark: on writing The European Eel (July 2021)

Nancy Gaffield
‘Walking, observing, listening’ (November 2020)
‘Meridian: The Last Step’ (August 2019)
‘Meridian: The First Cut’ (March 2019)

Mark Goodwin
‘All At Once’ (October 2021)
‘Oak & Stone (a spring, 2021)’ (April 2021)
‘Gather, East Leicestershire, February 2021’ (February 2021)
‘Reach, at year’s end 2020’ (January 2021)
‘Reach, a Bradgate Oddity’ (June 2020)
‘The Flattening & Covering Wave’ (May 2020)
‘Keep on Searching’ (March 2020)
‘If You Go Up To Higger Today’ (September 2019)
‘Touching the Gleam’ (May 2019)
‘Seven Forms Through’ (November 2018)
‘Depending Angles’ (August 2018)
‘Matter’ (March 2018)
‘A Corner & A Carried Line’ (September 2017)
‘Flight of Being’ (July 2017)
‘Age of Sh All’ (May 2017)
‘An Alphabets’-Lattice’ (February 2017)
‘Along a Line’ (August 2016)
Circumspect & Circumflex‘ (February 2015)
‘Wrong & Right’ (November 2014)
‘Key Ping Ba(p)la(n)ce’ (August 2014)
‘A Piece of my Mind’ (March 2013)
‘An End of An Affair’ (April 2012)

Pete Green
‘The Provincial Sublime’ (June 2019)
‘Model City’ (May 2017)

Rob Hindle
‘The Iron Harvest’ (September 2018)
‘Cartography, Flights and Traverses’ (January 2014)

Karl Hurst
‘In Domicile: Against the Fallacy of Exoticism’ (December 2020)
‘In Praise of the Ordinary’ (April 2016)
‘Space Junk: Photography, Consumerism & the Void’ (October 2015)
‘On Liminal Spaces: 3. Winter Hare at Alport: A Theory of Disappearance’ (July 2015)
‘On Liminal Spaces: 2. Meditation on Carl Wark’ (March 2015)
On Liminal Spaces: 1. Reflections on Impracticality‘ (February 2015)
‘Out on the End of an Event’ (January 2014)
‘My Island Home’ (July 2013)

Chris Jones
‘The Long Goodbye: Refrains and Variations in Little Piece of Harm (April 2021)
‘A City’s Designs: Rhyme and Structure in Little Piece of Harm (March 2021)
‘Story Arcs and Safety Nets: Plotting Little Piece of Harm (March 2021)
‘Wheest, Wheest’ (November 2017)
‘The Trick’ (July 2017)
‘The Lure’ (March 2017)
‘The Rooms of the House’ (January 2017)
‘The Skin We Live In’ (May 2015)
‘The Shepherds of Corby Glen’ (October 2014)
‘The New, New, New Poetry: A Consumer’s Guide’ (July 2014)
Two Worlds, One Field’ (May 2014)
‘Drawing on Walls: The Making of Death and the Gallant (November 2013)
The Idea of Walsingham‘ (July 2012)
‘How to read ‘Howl’?’ (March 2012)

Brian Lewis
‘Second Delivery’ (January 2021)
‘Local Distribution’ (October 2020)
‘The Haul’ (August 2020)
‘Lockdown Walks #​5​’ (April 2020)
‘Lockdown Walks #4’ (April 2020)
‘Lockdown Walks #3’ (April 2020)
‘Lockdown Walks #2’ (April 2020)
‘Lockdown Walks’ (April 2020)
‘Rain, Steam and Speed’ (May 2018)
‘Open to the Sky’ (February 2018)
‘Night Walk #1: Owlerton’ (January 2018)
‘Mirror Image’ (October 2017)
‘Parallel Lines’ (June 2017)
‘Ground Work’ (April 2017)
‘The Marketplace’ (December 2016)
‘Black Square’ (October 2016)
‘White Point’ (September 2016)
‘The Outbuilding’ (July 2016)
‘Field Systems’ (June 2016)
‘Self-build’ (February 2016)
‘Dead Ends’ (January 2016)
‘The House of Numbers’ (December 2015)
‘The Hide’ (September 2015)
‘One-sided walls: revisiting The Frome Primer’ (June 2015)
‘Haunts’ (December 2014)
‘The Dance of Death’ (September 2014)
‘The pace of The Footing’ (June 2014)
‘The Sandpit’ (March 2014)
‘The Cut’ (September 2013)
‘Motion Studies’ (July 2013)
‘Gifts Received’ (April 2013)
‘Dead Letters: W S Graham and elegy’ (February 2013)
‘Sea Change’ (January 2012)

Fay Musselwhite
‘The Craft Muscle’ (May 2016)
‘There is No Wealth but Life’ (August 2015)
‘Contra Flow’ (April 2014)

Alistair Noon
Small is Beautiful: On Philip Rowland’s ‘Something Other Than Other’‘ (January 2017)
Memoirs of Memoirs: the Real Leningrad Sinologist‘ (May 2013)
A Statement on Poetry‘ (March 2013)
Traces of the Middle Ages‘ (November 2012)
My Top Five Strange Poetry Readings‘ (May 2012)
Welcome to Sunny East Berlin‘ (February 2012)

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