Acclaim for Longbarrow Press

“A superb press that brings light and hope whenever I encounter their marvellous publications.”  Ian McMillan

“Time and again, I come across an innovative, properly creative poetry project and find that Longbarrow Press are behind it. Their pamphlets are stunning, their sound and web work thoughtful and brilliant. Check them out.” Jo Bell | Poet | Canal Laureate

“Everything I have seen has been beautifully crafted and well thought out. The poetry is impeccable – always.”  Linda Lee Welch | Novelist and Poet | Lecturer in Creative Writing, Sheffield Hallam University

“With their hand-crafted and individually designed pamphlets, Longbarrow Press are an original force in poetry publishing: launching exciting work by an eclectic variety of poets, some of national importance. The afternoon walk accompanying Gregory Award winner Matthew Clegg’s Edgelands – in which he reads from poems at intervals – is just one example of Longbarrow’s enterprise and uniqueness.”  Ben Wilkinson | Poet

“These pamphlets are beautifully produced … with an exquisite sense of the aesthetic.”  Ann Atkinson | Poet Laureate of The Peak

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