Alistair Noon

Noon pamphletsAcross the Water | £5 (inc UK P&P)

Swamp Area | £5 (inc UK P&P)

2012. Two new pamphlets. Across the Water is 24pp; Swamp Area is 36pp (both A5 format). Listen to Filling the Triangle and Hill with Bunker and Flak Tower from Swamp Area. Read Susie Wild’s review of both pamphlets (for Sabotage) here. Listen to Alistair Noon on Archive of the Now.

Animals and Places
| £5 (inc UK P&P)

2010. A5 Pamphlet. Thirteen poems. Click here to listen to ‘The Blackbird of Berlin’.

Alexander Pushkin: The Bronze Horseman
(translated by Alistair Noon)
£5 (inc UK P&P)

£6 (inc EU P&P)

£7.50 (inc Rest of World postage)

2010. Pamphlet. New translation of Pushkin’s poem. You can read Alistair Noon’s commentary here. Longlisted for the Rossica Prize 2012.

I would say that this is one of the best translations of The Bronze Horseman that I have read; it has a very palpable feel for Pushkin’s poem and at the same time appears to do more with it than I have ever seen. – Catherine Woodward, Eyewear, January 2011 (read the full review here).

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