Four from QUAD | Alistair Noon

Both come first:
the light and the lights,
reports from our birds
and the waking flights.

The whales wait in the bay
before they start migrating
along the laid-down tracks,
hooting, and picking up plankton.

The chestnut buds have now deployed
their five green fingers across the void.
The bark is white with spring’s first pigeon shit.
Harpooning litter: the unemployed.

In the New Museum
the carpe diem
only comes later
for you, Nofretete.

The first four poems in Alistair Noon’s 64-poem cycle QUAD, now available as a hand-stitched pamphlet from Longbarrow Press. Click here for further details and to order. Listen to Alistair Noon reading the first 16 poems in the cycle: