from ‘In Slate’s Hands’ | Mark Goodwin

for Ian Lloyd-Jones

this climber
has slate’s gaze
a total of grey steadiness

he can see
the rainbow in slate’s grey

his Welsh voice
cracks slate consonants
yet polishes with vowels

he speaks of new routes
& edgy slate grades

he has worked at play

slate has ripped & dusted
his Montane jacket
his pale grey hands wear
blood-black nicks

all day slate
has had his soul

all day slate’s family
has worked with him
his Grandfather’s
flat slate ghost has

lived 3d through
his frame’s movements

I cannot shake
his hand for fear
of slate’s tons
& tiny razors

he has his
Grandfather’s hands

slate hands


‘In Slate’s Hands’ appears in Mark Goodwin’s new collection Rock as GlossYou can order the book securely by clicking on the relevant PayPal button below.

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