Lullaby | Angelina D’Roza


It started with a river, the way cities do, a glitter in the grass hardly more than a cabbage-white wing, a heart flick faint as stars and as far away. Flesh of my Flesh, the lullaby goes. It started with birds, a hatch of sparrows, the way all small birds are sparrows, in the backyard honeysuckle. Bone of my bone. Let the birds and rivers name themselves. The fairy-wren teaches her offspring the song she’ll know them by, stitches each note to the next, threading it out between them.


I call you grandson, and you look
and in that look, you become my grandson.
Like this, like light returning from one mirror
to another, we create each other.


‘Lullaby’ appears in Angelina D’Roza’s Correspondences, a hand-stitched pamphlet from Longbarrow Press. You can order it securely by clicking on the relevant PayPal button below.

: £5

UK orders (+ £1.40 postage)

Europe orders (+ £3.80 postage)

Rest of World orders (+ £4.75 postage)


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