The Rose of Temperaments

Whatever binds this colour to our eyes and hearts
we cannot part its salve and sting of ambivalence.
Geraldine Monk

Longbarrow Press is delighted to announce the publication of The Rose of Temperaments, a limited edition pamphlet featuring poems by Angelina D’Roza, A.B. Jackson, Chris Jones, Geraldine Monk, Helen Mort and Alistair Noon. The 36-page pamphlet comprises six colour-themed sonnets (in their original and ‘recoloured’ versions), reflections on art, poetry and semiotics by project curators Paul Evans and Brian Lewis, and essays on science and colour perception by The University of Sheffield’s Richard Jones and Tony Ryan. Update (March 2022): this pamphlet is now sold out. You can find the poems (and some of the essays) featured in The Rose of Temperaments on the Poetry and Colour website.

‘Our transactions, our memories, are everywhere and nowhere – at home, at work, on the move – enabled by technology that is everywhere and nowhere; the bundles of optical fibres beneath our streets, the unmarked mobile phone masts we scarcely notice at the roadside, the GPS satellites in semi-synchronous orbits. It’s embedded in the ground, in the sea, in the air, and, like most of our infrastructure, we only shift our attention to it when something goes awry.’ On the Longbarrow Blog, Brian Lewis considers the relationship between our communication networks and the spaces in which they operate; a theme developed in J.R. Carpenter‘s multimedia work The Gathering Cloud, in which a cultural history of the skies informs an extended meditation on the discreet, complex and expanding ecosystem of ‘cloud computing’ (and its environmental impact). Click here to read ‘Rain, Steam and Speed’.


1. Emma Bolland
2. Brian Lewis
3. Luke Howard

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