The Rose of Temperaments


Cloud study by Luke Howard, c1803-1811: Cumulus and nimbus rainfall, diagram lettered a to d. Pen and brown wash, 13x19cm. Inscribed in pencil on verso: Bring the converging line of the (..) nearer to the dotted lines in (…) and lowr the top of it over one half beginning to (work) in (…) without altering the character
Part of a collection of 51 drawings with 1 engraving, studies of clouds c1803-1811, by the meteorologist Luke Howard FRS (1772-1864). Mainly pencil and wash, 19x28cm. or smaller with conservation paper backs or edging. – Collection assembled in 1923 by Howard’s granddaughter Mariabella Fry from ‘loose scraps among family papers, without note or comment’ and subsequently deposited by the Royal Meteorological Society. – Some sketches are inscribed, only two dated. Showing observations of cloud formations while adopting the nomenclature presented in Howard’s paper ‘On the modifications of clouds’ 1803. Six drawings have highly finished landscapes probably by an assistant, Silvanus Bevan. Some are originals for engravings of cloud formations in editions of the classification promulgated in Philosophical Magazine 1803, Rees’s Cyclopedia and other, later publications. For specific details of each drawing please see 1981-862/1 to 1981-862/52.

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