Dark Water

‘From Wardsend, the Don flows on a south-easterly turn for 400 metres, the lane at its side, before pulling away, a humming on the west bank, strobe and glare, the power station on the curve, the college and its floodlit fields. The lane straightens out, due south, smaller paths forking east and west. We gather at one of these forks, looking up at the railway embankment, the morning’s snow still clinging to the ridge, then down at our boots, the puckered ground, part gravel, part water.’
In 2018, Longbarrow Press will be leading a series of night walks in and around Sheffield. The first of these, with poets Angelina D’Roza, Pete Green, Chris Jones and Fay Musselwhite, tracked the River Don on a southerly course from Owlerton to Neepsend, on one of the coldest nights of the year; a new essay by Brian Lewis retraces the journey, and examines some of the ideas and exchanges that contributed to its development. Click here to read ‘Night Walk #1: Owlerton’ on the Longbarrow Blog.

‘The moon has made the sea milky / opaque the memory of our commonweal…’  Our new Featured Poem is an extract from Article 50, Kelvin Corcoran‘s new Longbarrow Press pamphlet (available here). Click here to read the poem.

You can find us at several book fairs and events throughout Yorkshire this spring, including PAGES, the international contemporary artists’ book fair (Leeds, 3 & 4 March), and Print Stuff, a new print and publishing fair (York, 28 April). Visit our Events page for further details.

Emma Bolland, Brian Lewis

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