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Edgelands (Emma Bolland)Ahead of the publication of Matthew Clegg‘s second full-length collection The Navigators (due from Longbarrow Press in May 2015), we revisit a selection of his earlier titles, including the pamphlets Officer, Lost Between Stations and the acclaimed ‘matchbox’ edition of his 2008 sequence Edgelands (of which only a handful of copies remain available). Order any Matthew Clegg title from Longbarrow Press in March 2015 (including his debut collection West North East) and we’ll include a limited edition, handmade Edgelands postcard – and an additional piece of Longbarrow Press ephemera. Click here to view (and order) the full range of Matthew Clegg publications.

‘My interest in the vernacular is imaginative. I’m concerned with the life lived and the language that expresses that life…’ Part of the cultural and geographical terrain of The Navigators is previewed in Radged and Nithered: A Vernacular Sensibility’, a new post for the Longbarrow Blog in which Matthew Clegg explores the idea of a language ‘lived’ or ‘lived in’ – specifically, the language used by the navvies and boatmen that built and plied the South Yorkshire waterways. Click here to read the essay (and to listen to Clegg reading his poem ‘Attercliffe’ on a South Yorkshire canal towpath).

Ty Uchaf ThornsOur second new post on the Longbarrow Blog is ‘Circumspect & Circumflex’, which finds Mark Goodwin
reflecting on the ‘cartography’ of his Longbarrow Press collection Steps, and addressing the somewhat different art of ‘navigation’ practiced by ‘map-maker-readers’. ‘That’s what a map’s for: to make us believe that the infinitely detailed, multi-directional & complicatedly angled terrain we find our selves in can be organised…’ You can read the essay here. Steps also provides us with our current Featured Poem, ‘Lit Lichen, Tŷ Uchaf’, a movement through and towards ‘keyhole sized portions / of a landscape’. The poem appears here; for further details of Steps, please click here. Mark Goodwin will present an evening of readings from Steps on Thursday 23 April at Leicester’s Exchange Bar (50 Rutland St, LE1 1RD); further details will be posted here soon.

Photo credits:
Emma Bolland
Nikki Clayton

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