Alistair Noon’s ‘Across the Water’ and ‘Swamp Area’

Longbarrow Press moves into 2012 with the publication of two new pamphlets by Alistair Noon. Across the Water was originally published as joint winner of the Mimesis Digital Chapbook Initiative in 2008; an earlier version of Swamp Area appeared online through Intercapillary Editions in 2009. Both works have been revised and expanded for print publication. You can read ‘The Molecule Man’ from Swamp Area here and listen to Noon reading ‘Filling the Triangle’, ‘Hill with Bunker and Flak Tower’ and an excerpt from ‘Motility Patterns’ (all from Swamp Area) hereAcross the Water and Swamp Area can be purchased separately or together at a discounted price; to order the pamphlets, please click here.

With the sun caught not in the trees
but in the high-voltage cables,
the brightening morning made
a new ideogram of the East.

(from ‘Motility Patterns’ in Swamp Area)

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