Matthew Clegg (audio)

Fugue #3: Crossgates (from West North East)

Matthew Clegg reads the poems ‘Because I was Nobody’, ‘Blood and Ice Cream’ and ‘The Last Workday Before Christmas’ (from his collection West North East). Recorded on location in Crossgates, East Leeds, 2 May 2014.

‘Aphorisms…’ (from ‘Chinese Lanterns’)

From the sequence ‘Chinese Lanterns’ (featured in Matthew Clegg’s collection West North East). Recorded in Hillsborough, Sheffield, 3 May 2012.

The Python / The Death Shift

Angelina Ayers and Matthew Clegg read the poems ‘The Python’ and ‘The Death Shift’ (from Clegg’s collection West North East). Recorded in Hillsborough, North Sheffield, September 2013.

Fugue #2: Flamborough (from West North East)

Matthew Clegg reads the poems ‘Out Far and In Deep’ and ‘The Power-line’ (from his collection West North East). Recorded in Bempton and Flamborough, East Yorkshire, on the evening of Friday 19 July and the morning of Saturday 20 July. Recorded and mixed by Brian Lewis for Longbarrow Press.

Fugue (from West North East)

An edited account of a walk through North Sheffield made by Matthew Clegg and Brian Lewis on 26 March 2013, shortly after a heavy snowfall. Clegg reads and introduces several poems from ‘Fugue’ (the first of West North East‘s three sections): ‘This Place is Part of Me’, ‘Fishing by the Trunk Road’, ‘The Convalescent’ and ‘The Vantage’. Recorded and edited by Brian Lewis. Click here for details of West North East (out from Longbarrow Press in September 2013).

Cave Time and Sea Changes

A sequence of 12 poems by Matthew Clegg (interspersed with commentaries by Clegg). Recorded in a sea cave at the North Landing, Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire, 19 September 2012. Recorded, edited and sequenced by Brian Lewis. Photography by Karl Hurst. A 20-minute film (comprising the 12 poems by Clegg, 18 photographs by Karl Hurst and music by the Flamborough composer William Baines) can be viewed here.

A Letter from Tu Fu

From the sequence Chinese Lanterns (featured in Matthew Clegg’s forthcoming collection West North East). Recorded in Hillsborough, Sheffield, 3 May 2012.

A Satori Trance-walk

From the forthcoming sequence Chinese Lanterns. Recorded in central Sheffield, 26 June 2012 and Shalesmoor, Sheffield, Thursday 19 July 2012. Read the poems here.


From Matthew Clegg’s sequence The Navigators. Featured in the Sheffield canal walk led by Clegg on Sunday 23 September 2012 (part of the Festival of the Mind’s Arrivals Zone programme). Clegg (and an audience of 20) followed the canal from Victoria Quays to Tinsley. Recorded near Attercliffe bridge, Attercliffe, Sheffield.

Li Po’s Letter to Rumi

From the forthcoming sequence Chinese Lanterns. Recorded in Hillsborough Park, Sheffield, 3 May 2012.


Five tanka from the 2008 sequence Edgelands (which comprises 50 tanka in the pamphlet edition published by Longbarrow Press). The environmental sounds were collected on a dictaphone in Hillsborough, Sheffield (where the poems are set) in September 2007 (shortly after the sequence was completed). Mixed by Brian Lewis.

Lost Between Stations: 1

The first poem in Matthew Clegg’s narrative sequence Lost Between Stations (Longbarrow Press, 2011). Recorded on location in Leeds, 12 June 2010. Click here for details of the CD and pamphlet editions of Lost Between Stations.


Recorded in a sea cave at Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire, August 2010. ‘There are larger numbers and a wider range of cave habitats at Flamborough than at any other chalk site in Britain, the largest of which are known to extend for more than 50m from their entrance on the coast’ (Wikipedia).

Byron’s Wonder

Commissioned by Paul Evans for the 7 Wonders exhibition at the Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, spring 2010. ‘Byron’s Wonder’ is paired with the painting and drawing ‘Peak Cavern’ (click here to read the full poem and view the painting). ‘Peak Cavern, also known as the Devil’s Arse (so called because of the flatulent-sounding noises from inside the cave), is one of the four show caves in Castleton, Derbyshire. It has the largest cave entrance in Europe and was once home to a community of rope-makers.’

Fishing by the trunk road

From Matthew Clegg’s 2006 pamphlet Nobody Sonnets (Longbarrow Press). Recorded in a back yard in Hillsborough, Sheffield, August 2008. Also available on the CD Nobody Sonnets (Longbarrow Press, 2008).

Letter from Neepsend

From the forthcoming sequence Care. Recorded in Neepsend, Sheffield, February 2009 (the river Don is audible in the background). First performed as part of the poetry walk The river, the road in autumn 2008.


‘Watchers’ first appeared in Matthew Clegg’s Nobody Sonnets (Longbarrow Press, 2006). Currently available (as ‘The Vantage’) in West North East (Longbarrow Press, 2013). This recording was made on common land in Hillsborough, Sheffield, August 2008.

Edgelands (river sequence)

Five tanka from Matthew Clegg’s Edgelands (Longbarrow Press, 2008). Recorded on the banks of the River Don, Sheffield in autumn 2008 for inclusion on the CD that accompanied Chris Jones and Matthew Clegg’s poetry walk The river, the road.


On the perfectly / Lateral branch, three blackbirds – / Three semi-quavers.
Posted on Day 9 of Call & Response (@Callhaiku, 20-30 September 2012). Recorded in Broomhill, Sheffield, 1 August 2012.

Ungodly Hour (by Matthew Clegg and Andrew Hirst)

One-off collaboration between Matthew Clegg and Andrew Hirst performed live at The Fat Cat, Sheffield, August 2009 (as part of the ‘Dreamers’ series of readings, performances and presentations). The performance begins with Hirst reading a Clegg poem, ‘His Heart’ (from the 2008 sequence Rag & Bone Shop); continues with an arrangement of Robert Frost’s ‘Acquainted With The Night’ and Jacques Prevert’s ‘Breakfast’ in which the texts (and the speakers) gradually meet, interweave and separate; and concludes with Clegg reading the final poem in Hirst’s ‘Frome’ sequence (from Frome XXIV, 2008).

Early Blossom (Matthew Clegg with Liz Hanks and Adam White)

‘Early Blossom’ will appear in Matthew Clegg’s forthcoming sequence Un-. This arrangement of the poem (for voice, cello and guitar) appeared as the last movement of Songs from the Untidy Heart, a setting of poems by Matt Black and Matthew Clegg to music by Sally Docherty (voice), Liz Hanks (cello) and Adam White (guitar). Songs from the Untidy Heart was performed at Upper Chapel, Sheffield, Friday 9 October 2009.

The river, the road (Matthew Clegg and Chris Jones)

Recorded around and along the River Don, Sheffield, 28 September 2008. This sequence was issued as a limited 3″ CD and given away to the audience for the poetry walk led by Matthew Clegg and Chris Jones on 1 November 2008. The walk began at Blonk Street NCP and followed the River Don north (with several detours and interruptions) for an hour-and-a-half before finishing in Neepsend. Poems featured: ‘Wicker’, ‘The Factory’, ‘Kingfishers’, ‘Drift’, ‘Neepsend’, ‘Dun’, ‘Bridges’, ‘East’ and ‘Otter Cliff’ by Chris Jones’; Watchers’, ‘Sirens’, ‘Attercliffe’ and ‘Edgelands’ (extracts) by Matthew Clegg.

The river, the road: intro to walk (by Matthew Clegg and Chris Jones)

Introduction to the 2008 Sheffield poetry walk led by Matthew Clegg and Chris Jones. Chris (the first speaker on this recording) and Matthew are addressing a group of 30 people outside the NCP multi-storey car park on Blonk Street at 11am. Matthew explains the rationale behind the poetry walk, while Chris makes some observations regarding the history and development of the riverside. The introduction concludes with Matthew’s reading of his poem ‘Between train and tram stop’ (from the sequence Officer, Longbarrow Press 2007). Recorded live in Sheffield, Saturday 1 November 2008.

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