Alistair Noon (audio)

The Bronze Horseman

The full version of Alistair Noon’s translation of Alexander Pushkin’s The Bronze Horseman, performed by Noon as part of Sonnets and Statues at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, 2 June 2013. Recorded and edited by Brian Lewis for Longbarrow Press.

The Burbage Valley

‘The Burbage Valley’ accompanies Paul Evans’ drawings under the same title in the Seven Wonders series. You can read the poem and view one of the drawings here. Recorded in Leeds, 30 October 2013. Ambient noise recorded in the Burbage Valley, May 2012.

Filling the Triangle

From the Longbarrow Press pamphlet Swamp Area (2012). Recorded on location in Berlin, June 2010.

The Blackbird of Berlin

Recorded in Berlin, June 2010. From the pamphlet Animals and Places (Longbarrow Press, 2010).

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