History: 2009

Mark Goodwin’s Ish Coast Etched CD (comprising recordings made by Goodwin on the West Cornish coast) launched in Plymouth. The thin-walled reading space is adjacent to a cinema screening Young Victoria, the audio from which is incorporated into Goodwin’s performance.

Simultaneous publication of three titles by Kelvin Corcoran: Learning to Play the Harp (broadside), Madeleine’s Letter to Bunting (concertinaed poem in bespoke envelope) and On the Xenophone Label (pamphlet).

19 June. Rob Hindle’s The Purging of Spence Broughton, a Highwayman is premiered at Hill Top Chapel, Attercliffe, Sheffield; the sequence is performed by Hindle and Ray Hearne, with supporting readings from Matthew Clegg, Linda Lee Welch, Hindle and Hearne. The chapel (built in 1629) is a supporting player in the performance; filigrees of evening light from the upper windows (and the solitary candle lit by Hindle) contribute to the simple but powerful evocation of Broughton’s fate. The Purging of Spence Broughton is presented as a boxed edition comprising handmade pamphlet, supplementary gatefold envelope housing XII Fragments, a Roll of Characters, and a map.

4 October
Andrew Hirst and Brian Lewis travel to Cleethorpes Library to exhibit, introduce and read from The Frome Primer as part of North Lincolnshire LitFest. A short film of the exhibition and reading (featuring a brief interview with Brian Lewis) can be viewed here.

17 October
Sideways & Familiar.
A walk through Sheffield’s city centre (via lesser-known routes) led by Andrew Hirst and Chris Jones, beginning at the train station (with readings in the goods yard) and (by way of Brown Street, Norfolk Street, the Winter Gardens, Upper Chapel, the Cathedral and numerous side streets and passageways) ending in Paradise Square (where the poets are accompanied by the musician Kerry McMullen on violin).

21 November
Longbarrow Press showcase at the third Derwent Poetry Festival, Matlock Bath. Matthew Clegg reads from Edgelands; Chris Jones gives the first public reading of Death and the Gallant; Rob Hindle performs The Purging of Spence Broughton, a Highwayman.

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