The Quarry

‘One haunt’s interference can boost another haunt’s signals, or it can cancel.’  Two new pieces by Mark Goodwin reflect on their origins in two recent collaborations. ‘Depending Angles’ taps into the acoustics of place (and time), the making of field recordings, and the layering of text, sound and image in a short film made with artist Martyn Blundell. You can read the piece (and watch the film) here.  ‘Seven Forms Through’ juxtaposes the text of a new poem with documentation of a recent performance by Goodwin and artist Paul Evans (a reading accompanied by live drawing and painting). You can find the poem and photographs here.

I fell in love with that word, Cazique,
though I couldn’t find its meaning
in any book my father owned.
It broke the shackles in my brain:
just thinking it or speaking it
made me taller, other – simply more.

Following the recent launch of Matthew Clegg‘s third collection, we’ve uploaded a recording of Clegg reading the title poem at the close of the event. Listen to ‘Cazique’ below:

‘Then a soft shout like a cry for help / and a smack of light.’ Our new Featured Poem is ‘A Coward’ by Rob Hindle (from his new collection The Grail Roads); click here to read it.
The Grail Roads and Cazique are among the nine Longbarrow hardbacks featured in our current Special Offers (others include Angelina D’Roza and Fay Musselwhite‘s debut collections, and our walking-themed anthology The Footing). Choose any combination of 3
hardbacks for £30, or any 2 for £22. These beautifully produced books offer an ideal introduction to Longbarrow Press, and make great gifts. You’ll also receive a free copy of the colour-themed pamphlet The Rose of Temperaments
(featuring poems by Angelina D’Roza, A.B. Jackson, Chris Jones, Geraldine Monk, Helen Mort and Alistair Noon). Click here for further details.

‘What we think of as driving our choices, are to some extent, the stories we tell to make sense of them.’ Ahead of the publication of her new Longbarrow Press pamphlet in early 2019, Angelina D’Roza discusses the development of her writing practice for the Wombwell Rainbow website; click here to read the interview.

1. Martyn Blundell
2. Marianthi Makra
3. Emma Bolland


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