Five Rivers

Longbarrow Press is proud to announce the publication of Sheffield Almanac, the debut pamphlet by Pete Green. Described by Green as ‘a poem in four chapters about rivers, rain, relocation, and regeneration, exploring the industrial past and post-industrial future of my adopted home city,’ it is available in a hand-stitched first edition. You can read an extract here, and find Green’s vivid exegesis of the poem here.

Update (April 2022): Sheffield Almanac is now out of stock. If and when the pamphlet is reprinted, we will update this post with further details.


‘We parted with new understandings, of the poems, the landscapes, and ourselves: as participants and contributors, crafting an experience through a collective act of heightened attention.’ Sheffield Almanac is one of several poems discussed in a new post for the Longbarrow Blog, in which Brian Lewis reflects on the shaping of ‘Vanishing Point’, a recent city walk led by Green and Angelina D’Roza.  The essay is illustrated with photographs from the excursion, and framed by an account of the ethos and development of Longbarrow’s poetry walks over the last ten years, ‘the intersecting lines… criss-crossing the long loop of Castlegate, Lady’s Bridge, the Wicker, the needle’s eye to our invisible thread.’ Click here to read ‘Parallel Lines’.  ‘Yesterday I peeled off from my face such a faint skin and the whole faint skin of my body came away with it.’  A short prose poem by Mark Goodwin, introducing ‘shall’, his film-collaboration with Martyn Blundell, also appears on the Longbarrow Blog: click here to read ‘Age of Sh All’.

To mark National Meadows Day (and the close of the 2017 Ted Hughes Poetry Festival), Brian Lewis and Matthew Clegg lead a walk through Adwick Washlands, a recent addition to the RSPB’s South Yorkshire landscape portfolio. Clegg and Lewis will draw on their own and others’ work as they move through this compact but diverse wetland, their readings framed by a discussion of the history and ecology of this unique feature of the Dearne Valley. The walk takes place on Saturday 1 July (11am – 1.30pm); advance booking is recommended. Click here for further details and to book your place on the walk.

2: Marianthi Makra
3: Brian Lewis



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