Casting Out

Spence Broughton (2015)These last acts, a casting out…

The life and death of Spence Broughton, executed in 1792 for his part in robbing the Sheffield and Rotherham mail, is the subject of Rob Hindle‘s dramatic poem-sequence The Purging of Spence Broughton, a Highwayman. First published as a boxed edition by Longbarrow Press in 2009, it is now available as a hand-stamped, limited edition A5 landscape pamphlet, comprising the text of the 2009 publication and several additional poems, one of which (‘Pitchcapping’) is new and exclusive to this edition. You can order the pamphlet via the secure PayPal links below:
£5 (inc UK P&P)

£7 (inc Europe P&P)

£8.50 (inc Rest of World P&P)

Kinder Scout (Emma Bolland)Hindle’s ‘Pitchcapping’ is our current Featured Poem; you can read it here. Click here for more details of The Purging of Spence Broughton, including recordings, essays and short films. The pamphlet is also available as part of our new range of special offers, including Peter Riley’s The Ascent of Kinder Scout, newly shortlisted for the 2015 Michael Marks Awards. Click here for details of our current special offers.

Angelina DRoza (Nikki Clayton)On Wednesday 4 November (8pm – 9pm), the Poetry Library (at London’s Southbank Centre) hosts a collaborative reading by Matthew Clegg, Angelina D’Roza, Chris Jones and Fay Musselwhite, introduced and soundtracked by Brian Lewis. The event (part of the Poetry Library’s Special Edition series) is free, but advance booking is essential: click here for more details. Later in the same week, Longbarrow Press moves to Bloomsbury’s Conway Hall for the two-day Small Publishers Fair (Friday 6 – Saturday 7 November, 11am – 7pm, free), sharing a table with Gordian Projects, and sharing the hall with over 60 publishers from the UK and beyond. A full range of Longbarrow Press titles will be available; an exhibition and programme of readings and talks will also feature as part of the fair.

Ollie‘Objects don’t just disappear and in fact often can’t be wholly dismantled or destroyed. This fragmentation and unresolved materiality began to bother me. Beginning the series again I saw these strange remnants and discarded objects as somehow exotic and rare. I didn’t know what the objects were any longer, or what use, if any, they ever had. […]  The series of photographs will eventually fade to pale outlines and go with their objects into the ever-increasing swell of the void.’  Karl Hurst‘s notes on the (re)making of his photo-series ‘Modern Icons’ frame a critical commentary on the ‘void’ at the heart of cultural production (and consumption). Click here to read ‘Space Junk’ on the Longbarrow Blog.

Pete Green ExchangeFinally, we’ve uploaded audio podcasts of the second and third movements of ‘The Exchange’, a three-part collective performance by Matthew Clegg, Angelina D’Roza, Pete Green, Chris Jones and Fay Musselwhite at the Pop-Up Ruskin Museum, Sheffield, 30 September 2015. Listen to the podcasts below.
Second movement: The five poets introduce and read work by precursors and influences (illuminating the themes of labour, currency & reciprocity). Emily Dickinson, ‘I dwell in Possibility…’ (Angelina D’Roza), Kevin MacNeil, ‘painting trees’ (Pete Green), Gary Snyder, ‘Hay For the Horses’ (Chris Jones), Philip Levine, ‘Innocence’ (Fay Musselwhite), Thom Gunn, ‘All Do Not All Things Well’ (Chris Jones), Ted Hughes, ‘Her Husband’ (Fay Musselwhite), John Clare, ‘The Mores’ (Pete Green), JH Prynne, ‘Moon Poem’ (Angelina D’Roza), Louis MacNeice, ‘Autumn Journal: III’ (Matthew Clegg)

Third movement: ‘Vultures’ (Angelina D’Roza), ‘Hoopoe’s Cuckoo Song’ (Matthew Clegg), ‘Factory’ (Fay Musselwhite), ‘Amber’ (Pete Green), ‘The Workshop’ (Chris Jones), ‘To The Corner Shop and Back’ (Angelina D’Roza), ‘Bridges’ (Chris Jones), ‘To John Clare’ (Pete Green), ‘Here I Spill’ (Fay Musselwhite), ‘Meadowhall’ (Chris Jones), ‘Li Po’s Letter to Rumi’ (Matthew Clegg).

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