The Ascent of Kinder Scout

Kinder books (large)Wrapped in luminous cloud, pushed by the wind, we walk up out of Hayfield in the steps of the glorious trespass, April 1932…
Longbarrow Press is proud to announce the publication of Peter Riley‘s long-awaited new pamphlet, The Ascent of Kinder Scout, a meditation on (and elegy for) this physical and cultural landmark of the Peak District. The front and back covers feature two remarkable paintings of Kinder Downfall by artist Paul Evans.  Beautifully designed and produced, The Ascent of Kinder Scout is now available to order.  Click on the relevant PayPal option below to order your copy.  Click here to read an extract from The Ascent of Kinder Scout.

Ascent of Kinder£5.75 (inc UK P&P)

£7 (inc Europe P&P)

£8.50 (inc Rest of World P&P)

titanPaul Evans‘s current exhibition at Sheffield’s Graves Gallery brings together drawings of mythical, elusive and endangered creatures, including a life-sized drawing of a spade-toothed whale, and the haunting, riddling series Bestiary of Bones (a collaboration with poet A.B. Jackson).  Longbarrow Press has produced a new podcast featuring Evans and Jackson discussing gut parasites, the romantic sublime and the development of The Paper Museum (at the Graves Gallery until Saturday 16 August; open Wed-Fri 10am-3pm, Sat 11am-4pm, admission free.  Further details are available here).  You can listen to the podcast below:

Click here to read Jane Faram‘s review of The Paper Museum for Our Favourite Places.

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