The Footing

Footingcover4The Footing: £12 (inc UK P&P)

The Footing: £15 (inc Europe P&P)

The Footing: £17 (inc Rest of World P&P)

The Footing is an anthology of specially commissioned poems on the theme of walking, with substantial contributions from Angelina AyersJames Caruth, Mark Goodwin, Rob Hindle, Andrew Hirst, Chris Jones and Fay Musselwhite.  A beautifully produced 96-page hardback book, it is now available from Longbarrow Press for just £12 inc UK P&P.  You can order the book securely by clicking on the relevant PayPal button above.

City, country and coast (and the spaces in between) are the settings for these journeys;
here, the act of walking is, by turns, exploratory, destructive, restorative, defiant,
contemplative and devotional.  The poems and sequences in The Footing
are The Strait (Angelina Ayers), Tithes (James Caruth), From a St Juliot to Beyond a Beeny (Mark Goodwin), Flights and Traverses (Rob Hindle), Three Night Walks
(Andrew Hirst), Death and the Gallant (Chris Jones) and Breach (Fay Musselwhite).

The Footing is launched at The Shakespeare, 146-148 Gibraltar Street, Sheffield S3 8UB on Monday 25 November (7.30pm start; admission free). The launch will offer unique presentations of the work in the book, featuring short films, readings, audio works and discussions. Visit The Footing microsite to listen to recordings of the poems and to read commentaries by the poets on their contributions to the book. Angelina Ayers‘ current post on the Longbarrow Blog is a reflective essay on the making of her poem ‘The Bench’ (included in The Footing). You can read the essay here, and listen to her read the poem below:

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  1. pmarley says:

    Sunday evening is always a little mixed, Monday morning is only a few hours away after all. Therefore, it was delightful to receive a delivery at 9pm of The Footing. Thank you for the parcel and for the lovely note enclosed.

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