Winter Lights

Winter Songs (photograph by Paul Evans)Following the success of our recent Winter Songs event at The Fat Cat in Sheffield, we’ve uploaded the evening’s first two parts to SoundCloud (the recordings were available until 13 February. Part three is still available here). The first selection of poems (read by Angelina Ayers, Matthew Clegg, Andrew Hirst, Chris Jones and Fay Musselwhite) explores connections between winter and ideas of home; the second moves through winter landscapes. Read Camille Brouard’s Winter Songs review (for Forge Todayhere.
Part Two [now deleted] Poems in order of appearance: Snow in North Jersey – August Kleinzahler (read by Angelina Ayers); 
As I Step Over a Puddle… – James Wright (read by Chris Jones); Chappaquiddick, 1980 – Andrew Hirst; Yakov – Philip Levine (read by Matthew Clegg); Feeding Out–Wintering Cattle – Ted Hughes (read by Fay Musselwhite); The Snow Man – Wallace Stevens (read by Angelina Ayers).
Part One [now deleted] | Poems in order of appearance: The Winter’s Spring – John Clare (read by Fay Musselwhite); The Last Workday Before Christmas – Matthew Clegg; 
Walking the Ward – Angelina Ayers; Name – Chris Jones; Firewood – Fay Musselwhite; The Darkling Thrush – Thomas Hardy (read by Andrew Hirst); A Journey Home / The Last Day of the Year – Chris Jones.

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