Longbarrow Press: Scale

Longbarrow Press, in association with artists Paul Evans and Becky Bowley, presents a series of new works at Sheffield’s Bloc Projects embracing performance, painting, photography and poetry. Scale will focus on collaborations between Bowley, Evans, photographer Karl Hurst and Leeds-based artist Hondartza Fraga and poets Angelina Ayers, James Caruth, Matthew Clegg, Mark Goodwin, Rob Hindle, Chris Jones and Fay Musselwhite. The works will explore ideas of scale from the micro to the macro, in relation both to human physicality and the landscape, and between the cells, tissues and organs of the body itself. The Scale programme runs from Wed 24 to Sat 27 October; for further information (including details of the performance on Friday 26 October and a new essay by Matthew Clegg) please visit the Scale website.

October will also see the relaunch of Rob Hindle‘s acclaimed dramatic sequence The Purging of Spence Broughton, a Highwayman. Hindle (with guest readers James Caruth, Ray Hearne, Chris Jones and Fay Musselwhite) will perform the work in the unique setting of Hill Top Chapel, Attercliffe, Sheffield at 6.30pm on Sunday 28 October. Links to poems, essays and recordings can be found on our new Spence Broughton website; for booking information and detailed directions to the Hill Top Chapel performance, please click here.

Our Call & Response haiku series (comprising 22 bird-themed poems broadcast on Twitter and SoundCloud in late September) is now available as an eight-minute suite on SoundCloud featuring the recordings of the haiku in their original broadcast sequence. Click here to listen to the poets reading all 22 haiku in locations ranging from Creswell Crags to the suburbs of Sheffield.

We’ve also uploaded an excerpt from A Navigation with Matthew Clegg, which found the poet walking with and reading to an audience of 20 along the towpath of the Sheffield Canal on 23 September. Click here to listen to Clegg introducing and reading the poem ‘Attercliffe’ (in the shadow of Attercliffe bridge) and here for field recordings of the canal basin.

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1 Response to Longbarrow Press: Scale

  1. dianajhale says:

    Like the sound of ‘Scale’ – more great projects for me to follow if not visit. At this rate another trip to Sheffield will be needed!

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