Longbarrow Press on SoundCloud

Since April 2011, Longbarrow Press has uploaded more than 40 recordings of poets to the audio site SoundCloud. James Caruth, Matthew Clegg, Kelvin Corcoran, Mark Goodwin, Lee Harwood, Rob Hindle, Andrew Hirst, Chris Jones and Alistair Noon can be heard reading in kitchens, back gardens and cellars; on common land, waste ground and moorland; near roads, rivers and railways; and in all weathers. This location-based approach has produced some memorable readings in which the environment (be it domestic, rural or urban) adds detail and pressure often lacking in ‘studio’ recordings.  

The Longbarrow Press recording programme will continue throughout 2011 and further recordings will be uploaded on a regular basis (including a series of podcasts). Recent additions include On the Xenophone Label by Tria Kalistos (Kelvin Corcoran, Maria Pavlidou and Howard Wright), Matthew Clegg and Andrew Hirst’s collaboration Ungodly Hour, and the first poem in Matthew Clegg’s sequence Lost Between Stations. You can hear these recordings via the following links (no plug-ins or downloads required):


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