Zy Skennor | Mark Goodwin

trans    lucent purr    ple pink guernsey cows graze
lit silver grass    Zennor sky smashed to    peace

on mead    ow! at forty thousand feet    a corn
ish coast etched    in steam moments    merm    aid

scale wisps    ers soft granite out    crops ancest    or
ash tree living in through round    a ruined cott    age

of sky’s gold    oranges & silver    streamers a sky’s
insides inside a gurnard’s guts a    vast    pub of

coloured gusts & mist musicians jamming cumuli
-guitars-cirrus-chords-voices-accordion-anvils buttery

sky-milk    dribbles twilight mines    plum    met deep
through heavens’ rippling    ringing tin    song gone

From the Longbarrow Press pamphlet and CD Distance a Sudden (2009).