Think positive | Matthew Clegg

This is how it will be in a year, he says –
Nina Simone’s Feeling Good in his head;
The big swing band bursting in like God
Or a new pay-scale.  Think positive, he says.
The on-time train advances without delay.
He has the laptop out, the mobile on.
A swift keeps pace with the speeding train
Then catches the sun before twisting away.
Perfect.  So perfect he could be dreaming.
Precisely.  Thinking a thing doesn’t make it so,
Or wanting it.  He can see it clearly now.
He’ll walk right in to chair the meeting
And the music, the swift, the sun – whatever –
None of it will touch on the agenda.

From Matthew Clegg’s pamphlet Officer (Longbarrow Press, 2007). Click here to order Officer (just £5 inc UK P&P and limited edition postcard).