Audio anthologies

Longbarrow Press audio anthology Caruth, Clegg, Corcoran, Goodwin, Harwood, Hindle, Hirst, Jones, Noon |
40 minute CD | £4

A selection of poems recorded during 2008-2011 (some of which have been uploaded to our SoundCloud site). The environments in which these ‘field recordings’ were made range from the domestic (kitchens, cellars and gardens) to the wild (waste ground, moorland and sea caves).

Full tracklisting:

1  Edgelands (excerpt) | Matthew Clegg
2  Stannington | James Caruth
3  Welund’s Lament | Andrew Hirst
4  The Adoration of the Magi | Chris Jones
5  The Early History of Spence Broughton | Rob Hindle
6  Season Below Ground | Kelvin Corcoran
7  Filling the Triangle | Alistair Noon
8  Mam Tor | James Caruth
9  Kinder Downfall | Rob Hindle
10  Miniatures (vii) | Chris Jones
11  Frome XXII | Andrew Hirst
12  Ben’s Photo | Lee Harwood
13  Chalk | Matthew Clegg
14  Thuds of Sea-Crash, from St Juliot | Mark Goodwin

The 7 Wonders | 3″ CD (22 minutes)          with 8 page booklet (7 illustrations) | Caruth, Clegg, Evans, Goodwin, Hindle, Jones | £5

1  Mam Tor | James Caruth
2  Byron’s Wonder | Matthew Clegg
3  Thor’s Cave| Chris Jones
4  Stanage Volumes | Mark Goodwin
5  Kinder Downfall | Rob Hindle
6  River Through Names | Mark Goodwin
7  Cloud Lines | Chris Jones
8  Paul Talking In His Studio | Paul Evans

Recorded on location in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire by Brian Lewis and Mark Goodwin, April 2010. Limited edition CD accompanying the exhibition of The 7 Wonders, a series of paintings and drawings by Paul Evans with new poems by James Caruth, Matthew Clegg, Rob Hindle, Mark Goodwin and Chris Jones. The 7 Wonders was first exhibited at Cupola Contemporary Art, Sheffield, in spring 2010. Click here to view a selection of the paintings and drawings.


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